DIY Bicycle Repair Workshop

La rustine is a do-it-yourself bicycle repair workshop (or community-run bike shop). Founded in 2011, La rustine is a non-profit run by volunteers. We provide all the tools and parts you need to fix or build a bicycle. Our staff of mechanics is available to give advice and answer any questions.

La rustine teaches people of all ages and backgrounds how to repair bicycles. Operating as a non-profit, we provide affordable ways to acquire and maintain a bike, encourage re-use and recycling, and work with community groups to get more people on bicycles.

We have thousands of cheap secondhand parts, as well as the common useful new parts like tyres, tubes, patch kits, chains, and more. We also sell secondhand bikes if you don't have one.

How does it work?

You have to become a member for an annual fee of €15 (or €10 for students, unemployed, under 18...). Then you will be able to come at our opening hours to repair your bike or buy a second hand bike that we restored, or even buy a second hand bike that you will restore by yourself.

Opening hours :

  • Friday and Monday : 4 pm to 8 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday : 2 pm to 6 pm

We are open every week of the year, even on public holidays, but we are closing one or two weeks every year for christmas holidays. Closing times are published on our website and our Facebook page.

We are located north of Dijon, just a 5 minutes walk from the "Place de la république" where the tramway stops.

For Erasmus students

If you come in Dijon to study for a few weeks or a full year, we have a special offer for you ! Buy your bicycle in our workshop, and when you leave we'll buy it back from you at more or less than half the price you paid (depending on its good shape).

That's cheaper than renting a bike, there is no deposit and it is your bike, you can also sell it or give it to someone else if you like.

Are you touring on a bicycle?

Did you know that when you are paying for a membership at La rustine this gives you access to other bicycle repair co-ops in France ? Or that if you already are a member of one those workshops you can use our workshop for free when travelling ?

Well it's true ! We are part of a national network of bicycle co-ops that gives workshop access to mutual members when they are travelling. And there is one in every major city of France, so you won't be left on the side of the road !

To know which workshops are member of this awesome network, look at the orange markers on the map of the french network of bicycle workshops.

See also...

You'll find other community bike shops all around the world on the Bike Collectives website. Other french community bike shops may be found on the website of L'Heureux-Cyclage which is the french community bike workshops federation.

The Sheldon Brown website has a comprehensive english-french bicycle dictionary which may help you to communicate with french bike shops and mechanics.

Finally, the Bicycles Stack Exchange may help you finding answers to your questions.